Lost your iPhone?

Get your $599 iPhone back with a 99¢ app that shows your contact details.


Contactpaper shows your information on your iPhone's lockscreen. Name, phone number and email address can be displayed. If your device is lost, the person who finds it will see who it belongs to straight away, even if your phone is protected by a passcode.


For people suffering from a medical condition, an optional line of information can be added, stating what condition they have. When needed, that information is available for emergency medical services just by looking at your phone, and treatment can be tailored accordingly.

An idea that hatched
when the iPhone 4 was leaked.

On March 18, 2010, an Apple engineer named Gray Powell lost his iPhone 4 prototype in a bar. As many know, a few days later the design of one of the most iconic products of the past couple of years was leaked on the internet by Gizmodo.com.

A few months later I found an iPhone on the backseat of a cab, but it was passcode locked. This made it impossible for me to find out who it belonged to. I don't think I'm the only one who is honest enough to try to get in touch with the owner and give their phone back. The idea of putting contact information on the lockscreen was already in my mind, but this was the trigger for me to actually build it. And thus I decided to learn iOS development and made Contactpaper.

The UI is entirely custom, although nowadays a bit dated. I published Contactpaper in the app store, but removed it a year later because Apple's "Find my iPhone" improved to include the main features of Contactpaper, namely showing information on the lockscreen, while adding features I couldn't compete with.

A first step
in video advertisement.

The Contactpaper project allowed me to make my first steps in video shooting. This short movie is the result of these first experiments with moving images as a medium, and show what might have happened if Gray Powell used the Contactpaper app.

Project tags

Solo project · iOS development · Objective-C · User interface · User experience · Videography · Marketing

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