Recently computers have become smaller, cheaper and more powerful.

eBox is an autonomous and modular all-in-one system for your entertainment needs.


The main module contains a LED micro projector. This low-power and compact projection system can show images to over 100" in size in HD-ready definition. The projector also contains the Android computer system and connectivity for external drives or displaying video on a TV.


The speakers come in an external module. The speaker and projector magnetically attach to each other, and the speaker even works as an external battery. For better surround sound, the module can be placed somewhere else and the audio is then sent wirelessly over Bluetooth.


A computer running the Android OS is included in the projector. This allows for internet connectivity, entertainment apps like Netflix, games and photos to be displayed easily without needing to plug in a laptop. The computer is controlled by the user's smartphone.

Big entertainment.
Small size.

Recently PC's have become extremely small and cheap. The Raspberry Pi is a computer sold for $35. Small Android USB stick computers are about the same price. They are powerful, include a full set of connectivity, and can do the same things as your smartphone, minus the screen and calling. They run apps, browse the web, play movies.

They are very useful, but they need a screen to work. Why not add a screen to it? And why not make it a huge screen, while still keeping it really portable?

Apps on the big screen.
Controlled by your small screen.

Anything running on your Android smartphone can run on the eBox. Movies, games, news, pictures, email and more. The 8Gb internal storage holds up to 10 movies, and plug in a SD card or a USB stick to expand the storage even more!

A smartphone with the eBox app can control the system. Your smartphone acts as a trackpad and keyboard. However, if you prefer a real keyboard and mouse, they can connect wirelessly over Bluetooth for extra productivity.


The eBox is modular. The projector module can be expanded in several ways. You can add a speaker, which will double as an external battery. Add two speakers for stereo sound. Still not enough battery? Add an external battery module. Need even more storage? Add an external hard drive. And the 3G+GPS module will give your eBox internet everywhere.

All these modules can connect physically, being attached by magnets and using Pogo Pins to transfer data and power. The modules are daisy chainable, so you can attach them in any order, on any side of the eBox, and as many as you want. And because closed systems are not very consumer-friendly, modules can also connect to Mac and Windows computers through USB.

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