PlaceList allows you to create a collection of places you want to visit while traveling, using recommendations from your friends.


PlaceList lets you create a travel guide that only contains the venues you want to visit. Interested in moden art? Include the best museums, and check them off once you visited them. And write down which exhibitions are showing in the notes, so you don't forget it.


Type in the name of the place you want to visit, and we will get all the relevant information. This includes a series of pictures you can choose from, giving you a great sense of what the place looks like. Address, map, contact information and opening hours will automatically be added too.


Once your PlaceList is created, open the iPhone app and the list will be downloaded to your smartphone. Traveling abroad without internet access? All maps, pictures, notes and information are downloaded beforehand and available offline!

Explore the world on your own terms.
One trip at a time.

Simple, quick and delightful.
An experience built for the user.

Imagined in Seoul.
Made in Delft, Brussels, Berlin, New York & San Francisco.

The idea was imagined in a cab while driving through Seoul, South Korea. It was my first time there, and we had a lot of trouble explaining where we wanted to go due to language barriers. That's when the idea of having a list of places you would go to was born. The idea of having all the addresses, pictures, contact information and notes about the places you knew you would go to was appealing.

The app evolved quite a bit from the rough idea that was formed in Seoul. Together with Gabriel Lipschutz we made a Windows 8 app during the course of a university project at the TU Delft. I then took the Windows 8 app prototype, and rewrote it entirely as a web app. I decided to take the whole summer in between academic years to work further on the project, booked a flight to New York and worked on PlaceList from a coworking space there. This gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people and get valuable feedback. The two last weeks of the summer of 2013 were spent in San Francisco, building the iPhone app.

A digital tool.
Printed on paper.

Travellers who don't own an iPhone can easily print out their PlaceList. This personalised travel guide is cheap, lightweight, readable in sunlight and has unlimited battery life. It also allows pen input for writing notes and checking off the places already visited.

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Solo project (current state) · 2-person project (prototype) · TU Delft (prototype) · User interface · User experience · HTML5 · CSS3 · jQuery · PHP · MongoDB · Objective-C · C# (prototype) · Foursquare API · Instagram API · Facebook API · Google API

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