Helping business travellers to fill their free hours by recommending quality activities and best sights to see.


Unplanned recommends places to business travellers for the specific free time they have. If the traveller has 2 hours of free time between two meetings, or 3 hours before their flight, only activities that can be done in that specific amount of time will be recommended, taking into account transport and eventual waiting time.


All activities and places that are featured in Unplanned have been curated by a network of like-minded local business people and travellers. This assures a very high content quality that is sure to please the city's business visitors. On top of that, only three results are shown, so to not overwhelm the user with choices.


Unplanned learns from the user as he makes choices in selecting what they want to do. If a user repeatedly selects modern art museums, these will be featured more prominently in the various cities they visit. The same can be done with food and nightlife choices. With curation and personalisation, the business traveller is sure to find the absolute best spot in the city for them.

My idea,
built with strangers,
on a bus.

In October 2013 I took part in the StartupBus Europe competition, a 72-hour hackathon that takes place in 6 busses departing from The Netherlands, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, headed to a single final destination: the Pioneers festival in Vienna. During three days I worked together with 4 other people I didn't know, making the idea I pitched in front of the bus a reality.

Elias Bizannes, the founder of StartupBus, describes the experience as following: "organising a wedding, only the band cancels two weeks in advance, the catering one week in advance and the bride on the day before".

The experience I had on the bus is near impossible to explain. The rush of adrenaline throughout the trip is addicting, the lack of sleep is compensated by caffeine and taurine, and the excitement is peaking all the time. The work is intense, the parties just as much. Pitching is difficult and deadlines are met with minutes to spare. Business plans are written on the windows of the bus, and the team needs to be strong.

After those 72 hours, and out of 27 different teams, we ended up second in the competition. The following movie offers a glimpse in the experience of being a Buspreneur (term given to people who took part in a StartupBus competition).

Project tags

5-person project · StartupBus · 72-hour project · User interface · User experience · Location-based · HTML5 · CSS3 · jQuery · Business Model Canvas

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